Machines at War

Machines at War 1.2

Strategy game with random map system

Machines at War is a real time strategy game in which the player's goal is to dominate the world. The player will be able to choose a new challenge every time they open the game, with the Machines at War random map system.

They can choose to clear a path to reach the enemy, defend their position by building walls, prepare an ambush attack and many other options.

As the player expands his/her empire, they will be able to research different technologies to help them stay ahead of the enemy. If the player chooses to focus on defense, they will be able to build a fortress where no enemy will be able to enter.

For the more offensive player, Machines at War offers many weapon upgrades for the player to create a strong and victorious army. Other features of Machines at War are the ability to build aircraft and vehicles like tanks and helicopters as well as the display of detailed statistics showing the progress of each player.